As many people ask themselves waaaat they should do for work of in life in general, waat wants to make finding answers to these questions easier. Waat’s purpose is to offer information about what kinds of professions there are in the world, What people actually do in these professions, and how they like what they do.

FOR high-schoolers and STUDENTS, waat would like to make them to pay attention to two things - to think about the actual daily work they would be doing in a few years (not only about what it would be like to study, that’ll last a while). ALSO, it’s important to think what you would actually enjoy doing. disliking something 8 hours/day sounds insane!

NEW DATA WILL BE ADDED ALL THE TIME, the eventual purpose being covering all possible professions from cleaners to cheese sculptors to politicians. In case you have any questions of feedback about waat, please contact

Tuomas, Risk Analyst
Master, Economics
Yearly salary (€)
In profession since
Weekly hours

Could you describe your job in short?

Risk management and modelling in the area of credit risk management.

What do you do on average work day?

Depends on what kind of project(s) I am working on. Usually there is 1-3 hours of meetings per day with my collagues about the project in question or about other general stuff. Rest of the day working on the project(s).

What do you love about your job?

Interesting work projects, independency of working, freedom to choose when and where to work, like-minded colleagues.

What are the worst parts of your job?

So far nothing.

What are the most important skills in your job?

Analytical skills Creativity Critical thinking Independency Responsibility

What are the most important tools/softwares in your job?

Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft SQL Server R

How do you acquire and develop these skills?

Relevant education, being interested in analytical thinking/developing your overall intelligence by widening your knowledge through all kinds of sources.

What does your work week include?


Meetings / Group work




Independent work