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FOR high-schoolers and STUDENTS, waat would like to make them to pay attention to two things - to think about the actual daily work they would be doing in a few years (not only about what it would be like to study, that’ll last a while). ALSO, it’s important to think what you would actually enjoy doing. disliking something 8 hours/day sounds insane!

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Sara, Project Manager, Recruitment
Finland, workplace of 21-50 employees
Master, Business
Yearly salary (€)
In profession since
Weekly hours

Could you describe your job in short?

As Project Manager my job is to lead the recruitment process. I work in a medium size firm, that does only recruitment related services. My aim is to sell our services to current and potential customers, lead the recruitment process after I have negotiated a deal, be the contact person for the potential candidates and close the deal by getting one or more candidates to be recruited and sign the work contract. One Project is one recruitment, which takes from 3-12 weeks depending on customer needs. There are sometimes several projects ongoing at the same time.

What do you do on average work day?

My day consists of sales and recruitment activities.

Sales activities are: calling to current and potential customers. Before that we do prospecting, which means we need to figure out and decide who to call (who would need our services). Sales activities are also participating to relevant events. Calling/phone work with our customers is maybe 30% of the work, depending on projects. Some weeks might be just sales related activites.

Recruitment related activities are: planning and opening the job adds, answering questions from applicants, evaluating most potential profiles, contacting applicants and organizing interviews, and keeping them updated. Then most suitable persons are presented to the firm, and they choose who they want to interview. Closing the deal means keeping the firm and applicant happy in the process. At the end, I will make sure the contact is signed and everyone is happy.

I usually work with people all the time: customers, applicants, team members, vendors... There is seldom a quiet moment alone. Also meeting customers means travelling in Helsinki region.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I can fulfill people's work related dreams and help companies to grow. People related decicions are the most critical ones in companies - without people there are no firms!

I love being in contact with people, learn about new fields and jobs. Every day is different in a good way. Our firm is very flexible, which allows me to work from where and how I want to. This is the modern way of working, and I enjoy working flexibly.

What are the worst parts of your job?

At the beginning, selling was the worst thing. Cold calls means that you call to a new customer and have to convince them to meet you. After you have some clients already, it gets easier because they want to buy from you, if you have done the job well and found the best talents for them.

At times, the job is very hectic and you use way more hours to it than there is listed in your own job contract.

What are the most important skills in your job?

Collaboration Communication Listening People-orientedness Time management

What are the most important tools/softwares in your job?

Outlook LinkedIn

How do you acquire and develop these skills?

You don't learn this work at school - do your internship already in recruitment if you want to pursue a career in it, to see if it is for you or not. You need to be able to listen and lead projects and processes by yourself in a fast pace environment.

If your job differed from your initial expectations, what were your expectations and how did your job differ from them?

I didn't realize how raw the selling is and how many roles you have along the Project and processes. You are a salesperson, recruiter, career consultant, psychologist, priest... and of course a colleague to the team mates. It took time to learn all the roles and what strings to pull for different people to be able to close the recruitments successfully.

What does your work week include?


Meetings / Group work




Independent work