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Tero, Business Controller
Finland, workplace of 501-1000 employees
Master, Business (Accounting)
Yearly salary (€)
In profession since
Weekly hours

Could you describe your job in short?

As a division controller for a construction company I'm a financial officer responsible for certain aspects of the firm's internal financial management. My main duties include preparing monthly business reports, financial statements and other ad hoc reports as ordered by senior management. The reports might forecast the firm's financial situation in anticipation of an upcoming project. Other work includes overseeing the auditing, accounting and budgeting activities. I report to the corporate controller, chief financial officer and the business management of my divisions.

What do you do on average work day?

I start around 8:30 in the morning and usually work 8-9 hours. A typical day includes drafting 3-4 different reports for business management. Twice a month I attend to a video conference call where we update the status and forecasts of ongoing projects. I collect information from our different databases , ERP, and through conversations via email or phone.

What do you love about your job?

I get to participate in various challenging tasks and learn a lot all the time. Also, I'm able to apply many of the theories/frameworks studied in the university when solving the daily tasks. Even though the job includes monthly/quarterly/yearly routines,it has a high degree of freedom and independency.

What are the worst parts of your job?

Sometimes I need to work in a tight schedule and it's important to get the work done.

What are the most important skills in your job?

Analytical skills Budgeting Efficiency Problem solving Teamwork

What are the most important tools/softwares in your job?

Microsoft Excel Oracle Hyperion Skype Outlook

How do you acquire and develop these skills?

Studying accounting//finance, getting work experience.

What does your work week include?


Meetings / Group work




Independent work